Corkcomfort Narrow Plank

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Fast and easy, quiet and warm

Direct from Europe, the Cork Resist + HPS, Hydrocork, Corkcomfort and Woodcomfort ranges by Wicanders revolutionise the traditional floor. The range has been shaped by a team comprised of designers, architects and marketers. Hydrocork is a low profile floating solution, which makes it the perfect choice for overlaying existing flooring. It features Corktech – an innovative composite core board with a vinyl, wood-look surface. Corkcomfort pre-finished floating floor, is available in either wide or narrow plank formats and Woodcomfort with its inner core cork layer comes in narrow plank format.

The Wicanders range features quick and easy locking systems that don’t require glue or nails. The benefits of specifying cork and cork core flooring are numerous, a natural thermal insulator, cork creates quiet, stylish, comfortable environments along with potential energy savings.


Corkcomfort (WRT) Narrow Plank Format 10.5mm

Size: 1220 x 140 x 10.5 mm

Wicanders Corkcomfort and Woodcomfort ranges are produced by Amorim, the largest and most respected cork manufacturer in the world. Cork is extracted cylindrically from cork oak trees, without ever damaging the tree – it’s a natural, renewable resource. By combining visual impact and product benefits with excellent sustainable attributes Corkcomfort and Woodcomfort are an excellent choice for the built environment.

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